Composite fillings are a versatile cosmetic dental solution that allows our Burnaby dentist to place nearly undetectable fillings. The highly adaptable resin material used to create these fillings can be contoured and shaded to match your surrounding natural teeth. Dr. Ben Yee offers composite fillings in our dentistry practice.

A visit for composite fillings is similar to a visit for traditional amalgam dental fillings. Our dentist will prepare your teeth by removing any decay before applying the filling material. However, the application process for composite fillings is quite different. The resin material is applied in layers. As each new layer is applied, our dentist uses a special dental curing light to bond the resin directly to the tooth structure and previous layers. Once all of the layers of the composite fillings have been placed, the tooth is then shaped to fit your bite and polished to prevent staining.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings have many advantages that are not realized using traditional metal amalgam. These fillings are generally recommended when there is limited tooth structure remaining, as the layered application process serves to bolster tooth structure.

Composite fillings are an excellent solution for highly visible front teeth, because they can be shaded and contoured to match your natural teeth.

Composite fillings can be used to restore teeth that are decayed, worn, or even broken.

The compound used is a mixture of glass and plastic, and therefore, resin filling materials do not contain mercury.

Schedule an Appointment for Composite Fillings

If you need a filling or if you have worn down, chipped, or broken teeth, contact our office to book an appointment for composite fillings. These fillings are nearly invisible and can actually strengthen your tooth structure, improving your overall dental health.

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