Dental crowns are shaped and shaded to look just like your natural teeth. Crowns are made to fit tightly over your own natural teeth in order to change their appearance or enhance their function. While a dental bridge is comprised of crowns, its function is to replace missing teeth. Tsawwassen Commons Dental Centre offers dental restoration services at our office.

Dental Crowns

Your initial visit will consist of a thorough evaluation, including x-rays. If no root canal is needed and the site is healthy. Our dentist will prepare your tooth to accommodate the dental crown by removing any decay and reshaping it to allow the dental crown to fit snugly over your own tooth without alte ring your bite. Your permanent dental crown is designed from an impression that will be taken of your teeth. A temporary is worn in the interim. In approximately three weeks, your dental crown will be ready for placement. Our team will remove your temporary and firmly affix the permanent crown with dental cement.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is comprised of dental crowns and is utilized to replace missing teeth. A three unit dental bridge, for example, would consist of three dental crowns fused together. The center crown would occupy the space left by the missing tooth while the two dental crowns on either side would serve as anchors for the dental bridge.

During your visit for a dental bridge, our staff will resize the two natural teeth that will serve as anchors by removing their enamel to adjust for the dental crowns. Impressions are taken and used to create your permanent dental bridge, which generally takes three weeks. A temporary may be worn until your permanent dental bridge is ready to be cemented into place.

Schedule Your Appointment for Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

If you have pain or difficulty chewing, contact us for an appointment. Dental crowns and bridges are simple restoration methods to restore the appearance and function of your smile. Contact our office to learn more.

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