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Oral health & preventive dentistry

Oral health & preventive dentistry

Oral health and preventive dentistry are integral to one another. To achieve excellent oral health, one needs to focus on preventive dentistry methods offered by an experienced dentist. Dental problems can grow bigger and extremely painful in no time. Moreover, if not attended to at the right time, dental problems can become a huge expense as premium dental services are priced higher for their complexity and sensitivity. Gladly, you can save yourself from astronomic dental expenses by reaching out to your dentists for primary preventive dentistry care and taking care of your teeth before they get hit by a severe dental problem.

Preventative care is aimed at offering you the right treatment for any potential dental problem. Oral health and preventive dentistry are two important aspects of a healthy life that we must often discuss and act upon. No matter what your age is or what [problems you are dealing with, primary preventive dentistry can save you from all types of dental problems and save hundreds of dollars along with your smile.

What are the common dental problems that preventive dentistry can help with?

Most common dental problems that can grow big in no time and affect your oral health include:

  • Bad breath

Clinically known as halitosis, bad breath is a very common problem that affects a wide range of the population of all ages and groups. It is not only a harmful condition but also an embarrassing one. It is not a dental disease but an indication of an underlying dental problem like dry mouth, oral cancer, poor dental hygiene, and gum disease.

  • Cavities or Tooth decay

The acid and plaque build-up in the mouth can affect the tooth enamel, making holes in the teeth. These holes are called a cavity and are often caused by poor dental hygiene practices. If you are not serious about oral health and preventive dentistry, you can end up with a lot of cavities in your mouth which can lead to weak teeth, toothache, and bad breath.

  • Gum Disease

When the gums become infected, it is called gum disease. The other name for gum disease is periodontal disease and it is best treated under primary preventive dentistry care. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of this type of dental problem. The plaque build-up in the mouth attacks the tooth enamel and causes harm to the gums.

oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth sensitivity, tooth erosion, and toothaches are some additional dental problems that can be treated best with primary [preventive dentistry.

What are the best primary preventive dentistry treatments?

Preventive dental treatment, as the name suggests is focused on eliminating the root cause of a problem even before it can grow big and show itself. These treatments are aimed at eliminating the elements that could lead to a possible dental problem. If detected in time, a wide range of dental problems can be treated easily using non-invasive dental treatments.

Some common treatments covered under primary preventive dentistry include:

Dental examination

This is a detailed assessment and check-up of the teeth to identify any underlying problem or any chances of infection or tooth decay. the dentist would look for any signs of dental diseases and offer appropriate care if found.

Dental cleanings

While you regularly indulge in dental cleaning at home by brushing and flossing, it only offers you riddance from food debris and contributes to plaque prevention. On the other hand, dental cleaning at a dentist’s clinic is more detailed and offers a wide range of protection against several dental problems. With regular dental cleaning, you can prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

Dental sealant

Dental sealants are a protective cover that acts as a barrier for your teeth and prevents germs and bacteria to enter the tooth. It is made of plastic and is a crucial part of primary preventive dentistry. While they are adequate for people of all age groups, they are most recommended for growing children aged 6-13 years.

Fluoride treatment

Oral health and preventive dentistry must be your focal point and a dental fluoride treatment is one common preventive dental procedure that you must know about. Our teeth lose minerals every time., this process is called demineralization and leads to weaker and vulnerable tooth enamel. For fluoride treatment, the dentist performs topical fluoride treatment which makes the teeth stronger and boosts their strength and health.

Why you must focus on preventive dentistry?

Prevention is better than cure. Instead of paying hefty dental bills and undergoing painful treatments and experiences, it is best to check for a potential threat beforehand. Preventive dentistry eliminates elements that can lead to possible dental problems in the future. It is not only a cheaper way to protect your teeth but oral health and preventive dentistry is a combination that never grows old. You can save your smile and money altogether by availing of preventive dental services from an experienced dentist.


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