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Delta Dental Pediatric Dentist

Common dental problems in kids that need early treatment 

When it comes to dental problems, kids are no different than adults. The parents have to deal with a whole different form of concern when taking care of their young one’s oral health. The best Delta dental pediatric dentist recommends regular check-ups of the kids to ensure that they have a perfect oral cavity that lays the foundation of healthy gums and teeth as they grow up. 

There are certain dental problems that almost every kid suffers from. Right from the first teeth eruption to establishing a great oral health routine, parents have this responsibility to ensure their kids have healthy gums, teeth, and overall oral cavities. If you are a parent concerned about the goodness of your kid’s teeth and gums, this article explains some of the most common dental problems in kids.



Delta Dental Pediatric Dentist

Cavities or tooth decay is one of the most commonly found problems under the Delta Dental Pediatric Dentist section. Lack of proper dental hygiene, poor brushing and flossing habits along with a lot of sugary intakes can lead to dental problems like cavities. Teeth start decaying when there is plaque accumulating around the surface. This plaque is acidic in nature and affects the enamel so badly that over time tooth decay becomes a serious concern.


While a regular visit to delta dental pediatric dentist is important, parents must also supervise their kid’s oral hygiene routine. Make sure your kid brushes the teeth in the right way and flosses them afterward. The ‘twice a day for two minutes’ rule applies to both kids and adults. 

You must also change your kid’s toothbrush every two months and help them get the right hold when using it. Further, upon examining the condition, a dentist may recommend dental caps or fillings to prevent further decay. 

Tooth sensitivity flosses sensitivity in kids is common and often unnoticed as kids fail to address it at the right time. There are several reasons your child might be feeling uncomfortable and sensitive to the teeth. Only a reputed Delta Dental Pediatric Dentist expert can help you outline the underlying cause of your child being awkward when using the teeth to cut and chew. 


Some common reasons for teeth sensitivity in kids include:

  • Newly grown permanent teeth 
  • Tooth decay 
  • Enamel wear and acid erosion
  • Bruxism; a condition where kids grind their teeth
  • Cracked or loose filling 

The delta dental pediatric dentist would guide the right course of action to help the child overcome the problem.


Gum disease and pediatric gingivitis

No, gum diseases are not limited to adults only and it affects kids equally. Gingivitis and gum diseases are very common in kids and can be identified with the presence of red, swollen gums, and slight bleeding when brushing or flossing the teeth. One of the core reasons for gingivitis is poor oral habits. The children must be encouraged to brush and floss regularly and use the right grip and motion to complete the exercise. 


Orthodontic problems

Early intervention of a delta dental pediatric expert is important to ensure your kid has perfectly aligned, straight teeth. The dentist would recommend and perform the right orthodontic treatment on your child to ensure they have healthy teeth that also look presentable. Most orthodontic problems are genetic where the size and shape of the jaw plays a key role. Some of the common outcomes of misaligned or crowded teeth include overbiteunderbite, open bite, and spacing problems.


Thumb sucking beyond the limit 

While thumb sucking is common in kids, there is a limit to it. If things go north of the limit, it is important that you seek professional help. Sucking on their thumb or pacifier gives kids relief from their anxiety but it leads to dental problems including misaligned teeth, gaping in the jaw, and more. While parents are advised to encourage their children to limit their thumb sucking and use of pacifiers. If things are already getting worse, it is best to reach out to a delta dental pediatric dentist right away.


Dental emergencies

Kids are prone to getting into problems and dental emergencies are no different. From an injury due to an accident, while playing to getting a tooth crooked in a fight with a sibling, there is a wide range of emergency that demands intervention from a reliable delta dental pediatric dentist. 

Many kids have to deal with a permanent tooth falling out due to different reasons. If this happens with your child, make sure you reach out to the best delta dental pediatric. 

Dental problems in kids can be treated completely when detected early. You must take your child to a delta dental pediatric clinic for a check twice a year, the dentist would perform a thorough examination and ensure that your child has no issues with her teeth and gums. When choosing the dentist for your child, make sure you check the qualification and licenses to ensure you have reached an expert and are not putting your child at unnecessary risk.

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